Available Kittens — Свободные Котята

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Dear friends, today we are ready to offer you a good price for a kitten from our cattery. You have 2 options for reserving a kitten as a pet:
1) All our kittens are raised in the cattery up to 4 months of age. If you reserve a kitten and the borders are still closed, the cattery will keep your kitten, charging $100 per month. The kitten will be sent to you as soon as the borders of our country and your country will be opened.
2) Or if you can’t pay $100 per month for chosen kitten, who will be older 4 months age, and the borders are still closed, so then the deposit for the kitten is kept in the cattery, and you can choose another kitten immediately after opening the borders.

In case if you have reserved a kitten for breeding, you have only option 1 valid.

We hope that the situation in the world with COVID-19 will change soon and all our kittens will fly to their new homes.

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